Let’s talk about diet

Diet lifestyle

Although what follows may seem impartial, it is no more than an opinion. For that reason, it may contain some bias. Diet as a consumption lifestyle Have you noticed how many diet fashions have come up in recent years? And how people separate themselves into groups, where they express their “individuality” based on the systematization … Read more

The importance of Sleep

sleep bjj yoga

What if you could have more energy throughout the day? The demands of our modern world, the expectations of longer workdays as well as poor diet and exercise come at the costs of our biological clock. Our body is attuned to rising and sleeping at different hours, depending on our state of biological development. Disturbances … Read more

Why should your kid learn BJJ?

bjj kinder berlin

Our children are growing up in a world full of distractions and every young child is full of potential that might be wasted if they do not have proper direction. Another common problem that might hinder the healthy development of our kids is so-called bullying. There is only one way to deal with this: teach … Read more

Morning Stretching Program

Morning Yoga in Berlin Neukölln

Are you aware of your morning routine? Do you ever consider how to spend your first minutes of the day? The very first things you do after opening your eyes? For my whole life, I didn’t. I used to wake up half an hour before I had to leave and run out the door. Yes, … Read more

Early Rising Rocks

early rising rocks

Why Early Rising ? The way we start our day and how we spend our first waking hours will determine the events to come. As most of us have experienced, waking up and rushing out the door is not pleasant. The worst thing we can do to ourselves is to stress out early in the … Read more