Private Classes

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I had the pleasure to study BJJ with Rodrigo for around 30 private sessions by now. He is a very passionate teacher with the real interest in developing his students in a safe, progressive and mature way. It's hard to find someone who can guide you with more just the technical success taken into account. Rodrigo brings to the table elements of health, tactics, and strategy, longevity in the practice, balance, self-discovery, and psychology. To sum up: Highly recommended and big thumbs up!

Learning from Rodrigo is a wonderful experience and a smooth entry into the world of BJJ. Rodrigo manages to make order and sense in a very complex system, and every class builds upon the prior class so you get a feeling of continuity and process. Rodrigo lives and breath BJJ and it is shown in the way he teaches, he is very passionate about the teaching process and experiences the success of the student as if it was his own. I cannot recommend him more for people who are interested in learning BJJ.

“The speed with which you progress toward your goals is in direct proportion to your faith and the amount of effort you put into it” - Patanjali.

Thank you for your interest in taking private lessons!

Do you have a busy schedule? Do you understand, like me, that the best way of learning is by taking private lessons? We will find the perfect appointment for your location, need and availability.

Yoga and Jiu-Jitsu have been taught since the beginning as private lessons, from master to student. Yoga studios or BJJ (martial arts) schools are something recent. A private lesson is the original tradition, which is still the best way to learn.

Let's make it clear: A private session is not just a class for one student. It is an entirely different teaching process! Your individual differences and personal preferences are the top priority.

Private classes, are the best way to deal with specific questions regarding your health and technical development. It is the perfect way to design a personalized practice for you, no matter what your goal is. Besides that, a private lesson is a perfect way to do something good for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones.


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My Method

Every system I design is unique, because I believe people respond differently according to different practices. The way I make it happening is by assisting you developing a growth mindset. You won't just learn new skills, you will be changing patterns. It takes time for change to happen; by applying the right effort, you will reach your goal. And once the change is there, it stays.

A few key points of my teaching style are:

  • I will be focusing on your needs. If necessary, I will be making recommendations for a few lifestyle adjustments.
  • Any element of the practice can be adapted, based on your response to the practice.
  • I will guide you to keep a constant practice.
  • You will receive customized teaching, lifestyle recommendations, and homework assignments that will deepen your understanding and will help you reach your goals.
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What would you like to get out of your training?

You might have different reasons to book private lessons:

  • Being new to Yoga or BJJ
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Getting back in shape
  • Developing confidence after a long break
  • Receiving tailor-made training

Terms and Conditions

  1. In our first meeting, arrive at least 15 min earlier.
  2. Sessions can be taught in English, German, Spanish or Portuguese.
  3. Private classes take place at your home, or at my Dojo.
  4. For BJJ: a GI can be rent.
  5. Small group sessions are available for extra cost per each person.
  6. Refund:
    1. 24-hour cancellation prior to appointment time - 75%
    2. 12-hour cancellation prior to the class: 50%
    3. 6-hour cancellation prior th the class: 25%
    4. No cancellation: no refund.
    5. Not satisfied? 100%