Discipline and planning, in balance with creativity and improvisation, are fundamental to keep our health. I aim to find the right tools to support my students in their individual needs. My methods focus on developing sensory awareness in static and dynamic activities. During my classes, seminars and private sessions, I guide my students through self-observation, inductive and deductive thinking, so they can find their answers, and overcome their limitations.

My previous career as Control Engineer wasn't fulfilling, but my exposure to yoga and other systems lead me to explore new ways of thinking. After taking a sabbatical year in 2015, I realized how the dots are connected and today I use the perfect combination of Jiu-Jitsu and yoga as tools to express some of my ideas.

I am curious and open-minded towards different possibilities, as I continuously study, I keep on trying out new ideas. My experiences with yoga, martial arts, psychology, engineering help me easily to break down and develop new systems . I see the influence these teachings and experiences have helped me in my own life and I am at service to assist my students to also benefit from them.