Seeing souls

Soul. A word that can be considered for many non-intuitive types as “Woo-woo” or something too abstract for them too grasp. This concept can also be misinterpreted by those, falling on the opposite side of the spectrum, mislead by their own delusions and fantasy. But I prefer to return to the root of everything, to clarify confusions, therefore avoiding conflicts of ideas.

The word ‘soul’ comes from the Greek, ψυχή (psychē) –  which means the seat of the feelings, desires, affections, aversions. This is what we call the ‘psyche.’

Spider webs, as ideas and concepts are organized in patterns, where intersections form dots and lines form connections. When something hits the web, the whole structure shakes. For an experienced spider, it is natural to identify where on the web and what kind of object landed in the web.

The same way as spiders detect, as information falls into their web, intuitive individuals notice when “something is in the air”. Seeing through souls doesn’t mean having supernatural powers. It means the perception of small unconscious patterns in oneself and in the others.