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The Wisdom of Inner Silence

Normally we are wasting so much energy every day with unnecessary talk. Our EGOs are constantly looking for survival, striving to climb up the acceptance and hierarchy ladder, projecting our different personas around. This chatter, that starts inside finds its way out in the world and it reflects back to us. There is a interesting taoistic text about this subject that I adapted into this post. The link to the original text (in portuguese) can be found below.

Think about what you are going to say before you open your mouth. Be brief and precise, since every time you let a word out, a part of your life energy leaves. Thus, you will learn to speak without wasting energy. Never make promises that you can’t keep, norcomplain or use words that project a distorted image, because everything you’ve created with your words will come back you. If there is nothing useful, good and true to say, better not say anything.

Learn to be like a mirror: observe and reflect

The universe is the best mirror example that nature has given us. It unconditionally accepts our thoughts, emotions, words and actions and sends us the reflection of our own energy through the different circumstances that are present in our lives. Do you identify with success or failure?

The situations we live are simply external manifestations of the content of our inner talk. Learn to be like the universe, listening and reflecting energy, without prejudice or dense emotions. Because, being like a mirror, with quiet and silent mental power, without giving you the opportunity to impose yourself with your personal opinions, and avoiding excessive emotional reactions, you have the opportunity for a sincere and fluid communication.

Be humble

Don’t give yourself too much importance, and be humble, for the more you appear superior, intelligent and arrogant, the more you become a prisoner of your own image and live in a world of tension and illusions. Be discreet, preserve your intimate life, in this way, you will be free from the judgment of others you’ll and have a quiet and benevolent life, invisible, mysterious, indefinable, unfathomable.

Don’tseek competition with others, the land that nourishes us gives us the necessary. Help others to perceive their own virtues and qualities, to shine. The competitive spirit causes the EGO to grow and inevitably result in conflict. You are on the path of self-improvement. It’s not about the others but yourself.

Have confidence in yourself, preserve your inner peace, avoid getting into theprovocation and the traps set up by others. Do not compromise easily, acting hastily and without being deeply awarene of the situation. Have a moment of inner silence to consider everything that presents to yourself, and only then make a decision. Thus, you will develop confidence in yourself and wisdom.

If thereis really is something that you don’t know yet, or don’t have the answer, accept it. Not knowing is very uncomfortable for EGO, because IT likes to know everything, IT wants always to have a reason and impose IT’s very personal opinion. In reality, the EGO doesn’t know, IT simply makes YOU believe that IT knows.

Judging is a way of hiding your own weaknesses

Avoid judging or criticizing, the universe is impartial in its judgment, it criticizes no one, it has an infinite compassion and it doesn’t know the duality. Each time you judge someone, the only thing you do is express your personal opinion, and that is a loss of energy, it is just pure noise.

The sage tolerates everything without saying a word. Everything that bothers you in others, is a projection of what you didn’t overcome in yourself. Let each of you solve your problems and focus your energy on your own life.

Take care of yourself, do not become defensive, when you feel attacked, you are giving too much importance to the words of others, and force to their aggression. If you do not accept the attack, it shows that the opinions of others do not affect your state of mind, that they are simply opinions and that you do not need to convince anybody to be happy.

Your inner silence makes you impassive

Make a regular use of silence to educate your EGO that has the bad habit of speaking all the time. Practice the art of not speaking, take a few hours to refrain from talking. This is an excellent exercise to get to know and learn the path, rather than trying to explain what the path is. As time passes, you will be progressively developed the art of speaking without speaking. And your true inner nature will replace your artificial personality by letting the light of your heart and the power of the wisdom of your silence appear.

Thanks to this force, you will draw everything you need for your own fulfillment and complete deliverance. However, you have to be careful that the EGO does not infiltrate, the power remains when the EGO stays calm and silent. If the EGO imposes itself and abuses this power, it will become a poison that will consume you quickly. Make your EGO your biggest ally and servant. It obeys your orders and follows wherever the path goes.

Be silent, cultivate your own inner power, respect the life of all that exists inthis world. Don’t force, manipulate or control the other, become your own master and let others be what they are capable to be.


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